Homage to Sylvette et al", Acrylic on Canvas, 2015.
Homage to Sylvette et al”, Acrylic on Canvas, 2015.


Hi! I’m Laura, and I love paint.

I am also fascinated with people, their moods, and my own; this provides the context for my work. It is also informed by my background in Psychology, with my BS from William and Mary.

This fascination lends itself to work primarily focused on creatures and their expressions. I love capturing the world around me.

I embrace the fact that my paintings are often a meta-analysis: they explore my own outlook, mood, and how these things affect my perception of my subjects. This is especially evident in my diverse self-portrait work. I am often simultaneously very excited and intrigued by the overall look or feeling of a large composition, plus overwhelmed by what I see. Typically my work shows this excited or agitated attention and the struggle to harness it into any one place or space. Usually I jump all over the canvas and have to engage in the practice of getting lost and found…

The painting process is similar to a moving meditation, a meditation of acceptance, of interpretation, of truth-telling, of looking at both the “good” and the “bad” of both my external world and my internal landscape. For more on the meditative acceptance that is my art, check out The Wolf of Love vs. The Wolf of Hate show.

I like that my paintings show this process. You can see ranges of brushstrokes. There is a diversity of paint handling you can see: big, thick, weighty chunks of paint down to thin, sketchy lines thinned down with medium. I enjoy scraping in and out of layers of paint and revealing things that led up to the end result. Painting is a very textural experience for me and I often get caught up in the paint itself…

Dive into the portfolio to explore. :-)

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