I’m back/Why “Town” is Cool

​So, you guys, it looks like I hike a lot faster than I write. I finished hiking to Harper’s Ferry last week. I kept a journal every day. I condensed them into the blog posts. In my released blog posts, … Continued

Days 5 & 6 Being Alone, (Not) Being Enlightened

I used to think I didn’t kill things. Isn’t that sweet? That was before I started backpacking. “LAND, B**CH!!” Is what I found myself screaming at a horse fly that was taunting me for a mile uphill today. I noticed … Continued

Days 1-4, Humbling, Stumbling, Larry

On my daily updates that pinpoint my exact location, I include a family friend who’s hiked an awful lot. After my first update, he sends me a mesaage. He said among other things, don’t get too confident.

Packing, Leaving, I’m (NOT) Still Here! (3 of 3) Saying Goodbye

I had a nightmare that last night. I dreamed that I was moving in slow motion, like molasses oozing through ice cubes. I was moving so slow that–in my dream–I was stuck for ANOTHER week, this time in Damascus.

Packing, Leaving, I’m Still Here?! (2 of 3) Organizing my Delicious Blue Hills Market Food

Wednesday I posted a video on my instagram called “CHIP DANCE!” In it, I jump up and down on a bag of chips, Larry barks, the bag explodes chips on the floor, and I frantically exclaim, “chip control, chip control!!” … Continued

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