An alternative title might read, “GETTING YOUR ART DONE”

I met with a financial advisor yesterday because, well, I could use some financial advice. I doubt anyone thinks I look perfect from the outside, but I do have a lot of people gush on me and tell me how amazing I am, which makes me feel good on the one hand, but on the other, I feel like I need to keep it real: I’m here to tell you that I have my own difficulties, too. Right now this is the big one: I always feel like I have a million projects up in the air without the time to focus on one, get paid, and move on to the next. So my communication gets sporadic, my social media posts get sporadic, and the amount of time I devote to painting gets sporadic.

I start spinning my wheels and thinking about all I have to do, rather than sitting down, getting real, and focusing on taking bites out of one thing at a time ‘til I devour it.

Hiking is always a good metaphor. It’s been one year since I left Grayson Highlands, headed north towards Harper’s Ferry. If, on the first day, I thought, 523-MILES, OHMYGOSH-HOW-CAN-I-HIKE-THAT-FAR, I’VE-NEVER-HIKED-THIS-SECTION-BEFORE, HOW-WILL-I EVER-EVEN-GET-TO-THE-MURAL-PAINTING-PART?!!, and WILL-I-REMEMBER-HOW-TO-HANG-A-BEAR-BAG?! and, WHAT-WILL-HAPPEN-WHEN-I-GET-TO-THIS-POINT-OR-THAT-MOUNTAIN?! type thoughts, if I let all my worries preoccupy my mind: I would’ve gotten lost, turned around, or simply brought down my mileage.

Fun fact: I actually did get turned around in the Highlands on the first day for about a mile!! So when that does happen, I have to be loving and kind with myself, just like I was then, and GET BACK ON THE PATH. Which is what yesterday, today, and the next couple months, are going to be all about. Maybe no one has noticed, but I’ve been much slower finishing the painting portion of my project than I expected. I shared some early deadlines on social media last fall, and I was wrong. I’ve been working hard, but I’ve also been in my head, and let my feet wander a bit to other commissions and money-making endeavors and big opportunities in the future without taking the time to look at what’s right under my nose and that’s the trail I started on: hiking and painting 2 murals for trail angels on the Virginia section of the A.T. It’s time to wrap this up, one foot in front of the other!

Focusing on one step at a time is the best way to hike 523 miles, or 1000 miles, or 2,183 miles. Which is exactly what I plan to do. I’ve hiked half the A.T. so far and I have another half to do, but that’s far, far in the future. I can’t do that until I reign in my energy, finish the second mural for Painting the A.T. with Love, and continue finishing, one small brushstroke at a time, commissions and live paintings and take advantage of other opportunities that bring me income to pay the bills, nourish my heart and soul, and make my clients happy. But, just one at a time!!!

Some awesome friends and true blue painters who helped tackle a big, crucial bite, projecting the image onto brick! Left to right, Ashley Helbert, Josh Leonard, Cassidy Hutchinson, Owen Daniel Phyfer, Ricky Quales, and me!
Some awesome friends and true blue painters who helped tackle a big, crucial bite, projecting the image onto brick! Left to right, Ashley Helbert, Josh Leonard, Cassidy Hutchinson, Owen Daniel Phyfer, Ricky Quales, and me!

My meeting with the advisor yesterday felt like more of a life-coaching session. One of the may ways we decided we could reduce the feeling of having a million projects to do and not having enough “time” or “money” is the feeling that I’ve got blog posts hanging over my head, and feeling the need to keep them as current updates as my project. That being said, I plan to write regularly, but very intentionally, once a month. If those thoughts spill over into 2 posts, awesome! If it becomes a journal entry, fine! But I’m taking the pressure off to feel like I ought to be posting regularly about my project—I don’t, anyway!

Instagram is the best place to go to see my day-to-day progress pics and updates. Follow hashtag #paintingtheATwithLove at Or just click here →

I’ll save blog posts for insight and reflection, for elaboration on my artistic and personal journey.

I’m feeling better already. If anyone else is feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated, and underpaid, just remember, one small bite, one small step, one small email, one client, and one brushstroke at a time.

To catch me at the mural—like a lot of friends have been telling me they’re trying to do–just look at my instagram. I’ll start posting hellos and good mornings from on-site on the days that I’m there!

In the meantime, follow my progress on Instagram! And remember whatever it is that is YOUR unique path, and yours alone, and don’t forget to keep walking, one step at a time!

LaMB Fine Art

P.S. Email me at and I’m happy to share information about my awesome new financial advisor if anyone is interested in some similar services from one amazing, empowered, and insightful lady.

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