I’m back/Why “Town” is Cool

​So, you guys, it looks like I hike a lot faster than I write. I finished hiking to Harper’s Ferry last week. I kept a journal every day. I condensed them into the blog posts. In my released blog posts, … Continued

Days 5 & 6 Being Alone, (Not) Being Enlightened

I used to think I didn’t kill things. Isn’t that sweet? That was before I started backpacking. “LAND, B**CH!!” Is what I found myself screaming at a horse fly that was taunting me for a mile uphill today. I noticed … Continued

Days 1-4, Humbling, Stumbling, My Dog

On my daily updates that pinpoint my exact location, I include a family friend who’s hiked an awful lot. After my first update, he sends me a mesaage. He said among other things, don’t get too confident.

Packing, Leaving, I’m Still Here?! (2 of 3) Organizing my Delicious Blue Hills Market Food

Wednesday I posted a video on my instagram called “CHIP DANCE!” In it, I jump up and down on a bag of chips, Larry barks, the bag explodes chips on the floor, and I frantically exclaim, “chip control, chip control!!” … Continued

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