Interested in a LaMB original painting of of yourself, a family member, your whole family, or even a cherished animal or object? You’re in the right place! LaMB Fine Art custom paintings are guaranteed to be unique, painted in Laura’s signature style, using the finest materials and infused with the energy and excitement of a painter who loves what she does!

"Reposado (Rainbow Nude)", Oil on Canvas, 30" x 20"
“Reposado (Rainbow Nude)”, Oil on Canvas, 30″ x 20″


A Note from Laura on The Process

“I take pleasure in working with customers to paint a portrait that both captures the likeness of the subject, while at the same time exaggerates certain features or evokes a certain mood. My favorite way to work is in a fast, passionate, colorful, “painterly” way, showing palette knife marks and scratches, brushstrokes, and ultimately some emotional context–either what the subject is feeling or the way you feel about the subject.”

Before each commission, Laura will ask you specific questions to get to know you, your taste, your needs, and to understand your vision.

Laura has completed commissioned paintings of clients’ family members, friends, and pets, favorite flora and fauna, people practicing yoga, people with pets, and even deities (Ganesha, anyone?) Don’t hesitate to ask if Laura can paint what you’re interested in. The answer is: YES! (Laura will not, however, paint a copy of another artist’s work, though she would love to see what interests and inspires you.)

You can view lots of examples in the Portfolio. Especially check out the Human Portraits and Pet Portraits. For more conceptual pieces, check out YogArt. Whatever your request, Laura listens to your needs and is talented at not only capturing the look of something, but can translate ideas, concepts, and emotions into a beautiful visual experience.

Materials, Quality, & Care

Laura works in both oil and acrylic, and occasionally found objects, using the highest quality paints and materials available.

In 2013, Laura inherited the brushes and paints of seasoned portrait artist, Dottie French, who lived and worked in Abingdon, VA, and in West Palm Beach, FL.

 “I take great pride in my work and love painting for and in front of people. I am honored to work with tools of a master before me, and proud to bring their energy into the light of day to delight people with the painting process with my own unique style. In this way I am fearlessly forging ahead while honoring the painters before me.”

Laura paints on high quality canvas and wood paneling from a family owned art supply warehouse in Boone, NC.


Wood Panels vs. Cradled Canvas

  “When painting on wood I am really able to pick up and move around paint. I love the way my knife scrapes on the surface. Scraping the knife on the canvas is fun too, and it leaves a trail of paint! Either way, It’s a whole body experience: visual, spatial, kinesthetic, textural, and audio-visual: I HEAR the scrape as I run my knife across the surface. I feel and see it and as I move. It’s a dance!”

Laura paints on your choice of canvas or wood paneling. Prior to beginning the commission, Laura will listen to your needs and work with you to determine the surface that is best for your commission.


Getting a quote
For a custom, original LaMB Fine Art painting, feel free to contact Laura by phone (757-648-0490) or email at Before each commission, Laura will ask you specific questions to get to know you, your taste, your needs, and to understand your vision.

Pricing begins at $150-$200 (depending on the image) for a 10″ x 10″ painting (this is slightly smaller than a piece of notebook paper) from a photo, not including shipping. In order to get a quote for your needs, please email or call 757-648-0490.

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