The free murals for LaMB Fine Art’s project, Painting the AT with Love, will be given to the 2 winners of the vote for favorite businesses and trail angels along the Appalachian Trail!!! Vote begins June 1!


If you are a TRAIL ANGEL OR BUSINESS interested in a free mural, this video Q&A explains it all. With little sleep and lots of antics, “Brave” LaMB (Laura) pretends to have a conversation (with herself) as a trail angel/business interested in a free mural (you).
(Eh? What’s that?? If you are hearing impaired, or just prefer reading, scroll down to FAQs below, they are a written version of the video.)

SO FAR YOU WILL BE ABLE TO VOTE FOR these businesses/angels who operate out of VA:
*Crazy Larry’s Hostel, Damascus, VA
*Miss Janet’s Van, Everywhere, VA
*Four Pines, Catawba, VA
*One Way Ministries Thrift Store “It’s a God Thing Too”, Damascus, VA
*Woodchuck’s Hostel
*Three Springs Hostel

****UPDATE: CRAZY LARRY’S HOSTEL & ONE WAY MINISTRIES THRIFT STORE ARE THE RECIPIENTS OF THE MURALS FOR THE PROJECT IN 2016***** If you are interested in a mural email lambfineart@gmail.com to discuss your needs

Know a trail angel or trail business in VA who deserves a free mural? We need to grow this list so they can have a chance to win one! Let them know about this project! They can contact “Brave” LaMB (Laura) at LaMBFineArt@Gmail.com and get on the list!
“Brave” LaMB has to have received via FB message or email (preferably email! at lambfineart@gmail.com) letting her know you want one and giving permission to be included in the vote to win a free mural by Monday May 30th at 11:59 PM. Why should you accept this? Why is Laura doing this? Read the FAQs below, watch the video ABOVE, or read more at www.lauramarieblankenship.com/ATlove




Laura "Brave" with other hikers at one of the welcoming hostels/outfitters along the trail, Mountain Crossings, at Neel Gap, GA.
“Brave” LaMB with other hikers at one of the welcoming hostels/outfitters along the trail, Mountain Crossings, at Neel Gap, GA, 2015.





Laura "Brave" on top of a Fire Tower in north GA.
Laura “Brave” on top of a Fire Tower in north GA.


LaMB, known on the trail as “Brave”, is a live painter from Abingdon, VA, 16 miles away from the “friendliest town on the trail”, Damascus. When she finished last year, she hiked home to Abingdon on the beautiful Creeper Trail, an old railway that connects the 2 towns.


Laura live painting Annabelle's Curse at The Camel in Richmond, VA.
Laura live painting Annabelle’s Curse at The Camel in Richmond, VA.


In order to give her talents back to the wonderful businesses and trail angels that support the hikers with their love, encouragement, offers of work, and hard-earned advice, she is giving away free murals, painted with eco-friendly AFM safecoat exterior paint. This durable paint will allow the murals to give love and inspiration to all who see them in a way that honors the environment. Did you know that the feeling of joy we get from looking at a beautiful work of art has even been shown in scientific studies? There’s a 10% increase in blood flow to the “joy response” part of the brain, the same part that lights up when looking at the face of a loved one.* Positive imagery, especially of the natural world, even plays a role in helping hospital patients heal and improving mood. **



The murals will be up to 54 square feet. LaMB chose this size to be large enough to provide beautiful inspiration to you and to hikers, but small enough to complete in one-two week’s time. Not sure how big 54 square feet is? Suggested dimensions are 6 feet x 9 feet, or thereabouts.

Shakti Chakra Circle
“Shakti Chakra Circle”, a small commissioned painting (8″ x 8″) by LaMB from 2013, another example of work within the theme of the murals: “connectivity to the environment, nature, love, and growth”. This is not a mini mural, but an example of what LaMB can work with when given a theme.


FAQs For Trail Angels & Businesses Considering Getting in on the Vote to WIN A FREE MURAL

What exactly are you doing?

Last year I hiked GA to VA, this year I’m hiking from VA to the WV line. After I finish, I’m gonna hop in my artmobile and paint AT LEAST TWO free murals along the section I just finished in the month after I hike.


Why are you doing this?
Last year after my hike I decided I had the guts to pursue my art FULL TIME. It’s been awesome! I want to add mural painting to my prolific live music painting portfolio.

After I finished last year I wanted to find a way to give my art to the trail. I really want to give back to the businesses and trail angels who do so much for hikers. And I want the people who give the most to get them. So there’s going to be a vote. And that way you can involve your friends and the hikers you meet along the trail. The 2 businesses or trail angels along Virginia who get the most votes will win a free mural.

Are you doing this to pay for your hike?
Nope! I AM launching crowdfunding for this on May 20th at an AWESOME LAUNCH PARTY with Earth by Train at Wolf Hills Brewing in Abingdon, VA. But my food is actually already sponsored by Blue Hills Market in Abingdon, Virginia, and my shoes are sponsored by Mount Rogers Outfitters. I already have most everything else I need for the hike itself! The $ will go towards paint supplies and the cost of an artmobile to travel and paint out of.

What will the mural look like?

You can see examples of my work at on my instagram, but the murals I’m doing won’t look so much like my live paintings as they will like this:

"Let Your Love Grow Tall", 2016. The first mini mural! This is an 18" x 18" acrylic on panel version of the first free mural to be painted with eco-friendly paint along the AT in Virginia!
“Let Your Love Grow Tall”, 2016. The first mini mural! This is an 18″ x 18″ acrylic on panel version of the first free mural to be painted with eco-friendly paint along the AT in Virginia!

The free murals will be in a similar style and will be inspired by the theme of connection to nature, the environment, each other, love, and growth. But for yours specifically, as I hike through and stop in to meet you, between July 1 and the first week of August, we will figure out together what you’d like to be in yours, and talk about what inspires you, and look at the surface you’d like painted. That’s the time when if it needs to be pressure washed or cleaned we’ll go ahead and clean it and I’ll measure the surface. Then As I hike on, I’ll keep my sketchbook with me to make sketches for you and I’ll bring them with me when I return to paint for you from August to early September.

How big will you paint?

The FREE murals for trail angels and businesses that win the vote will be up to 54 square feet. You see, I want them to be large enough to provide beautiful inspiration to you and to hikers, but small enough to complete in one week’s time. Not sure how big 54 square feet is? Suggested dimensions are 6 feet x 9 feet, or thereabouts.

How long will it take to paint? 
The sketches will probably take a week for me to work on while I hike. I will arrive to paint for you from early August to early September. From the day I arrive in my artmobile after my hike, until the day the mural is complete, I expect to work up to 7 days, 8 hours a day.
****UPDATE: The murals are taking longer than expected. Crazy Larry’s mural will be completed in winter 2016. One Way Ministries’ mural will be completed in Spring 2017.*****

Will you be working alone?
 Depends on how high up we are painting, how intricate the design is, and how much money I can raise through my crowdfunding. If I can afford an assistant, I may, depending on time and intricacy of the design, but I expect and want to do the bulk of the painting work myself. I LOVE to paint!

Can I help paint the mural?
 Sure! After I get it sketched out, if you want to help, we will find a way! I know the AT community is full of wonderfully creative souls!

So are these inside murals or outside murals?
 I’d prefer to paint an outside mural because 1. After lots of research, I have found an eco-friendly, DURABLE exterior paint that is amazing at what it does, and great specifically for exterior jobs and being exposed to the elements. 2. The second reason is that outside murals give your business more visibility, are advertising to your customers as well as a gift for all who pass your home or business who you’ll never even meet! 3. Outside murals are a great advertisement for this project and for me! However, if an outside mural is not feasible for whatever reason, or you really just want to adorn your inside walls, I am totally happy to paint an inside mural as well! The paint is fume-free and safe for interior use. Just know that its durability is meant for the outdoors so it’s going to last!

What type of paint is it?
Non-toxic, non-VOC AFM Safecoat Exterior.

I’m busy running a business and doing trail magic! Just When will you be here?

I’m leaving for my hike from Damascus on July 1 and I’ll hit the West Virginia line the first week of August. So at some between July 1 and August 11th, I will stop by and meet you and get a feel for you, your inspiration, and the painting surface/location, and we will go ahead and clean it. I will return in my artmobile with my sketches and the paint and I will actually PAINT the mural for one week between August 5 and September 10.

I want a mural, but I am not a trail angel or business owner on the Virginia section of the AT. 
If you have a business or are a trail angel and you are located somewhere else on the AT, or you aren’t located on the AT at all, OR you simply didn’t win the vote and you want to support this project, there’s one other way to get a ridiculously discounted mural. In order to fund the two free murals for hiker-voted businesses, I am painting 4 PAID large Murals to be completely by June 2017. They will be much larger, 10’ x 14’, completed the spring after I complete the first two free murals. You are really getting the bang for your buck: these are 75% reduced from my future 2018 pricing. So if you are located south or north of Virginia on the AT, or you are somewhere in VA but not on the AT, or if you live all the way out in Wisconsin, and you want a discounted mural, go to THE PAINTING THE AT WITH LOVE GOFUNDME beginning May 20th and snag one of the 4 reduced price murals before they are gone! They come with 3 sets of sketches (one initial one and up to 2 changes–great if you have to present to a board or a town council).
All right. I’m interested. When do I need to let you know?

By May 30th AT THE LATEST. The sooner, the better, Vote begins June 1st. email lambfineart@gmail.com

What else do I need to know?

Glad you asked! if you are interested in a mural I don’t recommend accepting my offer of getting voted for a free mural if you live in a town that’s like Abingdon, VA (LaMB’s home town) in that you have to get approval from a Board if you do any modifications on the outsides of your buildings. We just have limited time and I don’t have time to do board proposals before August. Please check that your town isn’t like this before accepting a mural nomination. If it is, LaMB can still paint an interior mural. Or, LaMB’s paid murals (rewards for the crowdfunding that launches May 20th) will include 3 sets of sketches and won’t begin until spring 2017, with more time for presenting proposals to a board. If you have any further questions or are ready to get in on the vote to receive your FREE MURAL, feel free to contact me via lambfineart@gmail.com and I’ll give you a call!!