These two large wolf paintings are for sale, perfect for a business, an outdoor enthusiast, or even in a spiritual setting, given the philosophy behind them (read on). Inquire about purchasing at

These wolves are so special to me that they get their very own page on my website. “The Wolf of Love” and “The Wolf of Hate” were a part of my very first show in 2014 at Wolf Hills Brewing Company, “The Wolf of Love vs. The Wolf of Hate: An Exploration of The Emotions We Feed.” Below is a shortened version of my statement for the show.




Artist Statement for show:


These pieces are a play on the good and evil inherent in human nature, in all beings, in the cosmos itself. A lot of things in my life seem to be coming back to this recurrent theme, and I am captivated by the idea that these opposing forces—of love and hate, good and evil, fear or avoidance vs. acceptance—are ever present, not only within us but all around us.

I chose to represent the forces of love vs. hate in wolves for a couple reasons. I was inspired by a course I recently took at Shakti in the Mountains where I was reminded of the fable of the wise Native American elder who explains her actions in this analogy: every day two wolves fight inside of her and every day she makes a choice of which one to feed. I struggle daily to love love, or accept love, or love acceptance, of all that is (not just the good), including hate. The idea is that when we hate hate, we become the hate, and it wins ultimately.

I had been playing with the idea of painting wolves before I was reminded of this fable and its recurrent theme in my life. This is because I particularly enjoy looking at and painting animals. I also do commissioned portrait work, largely of pets. Working this large with animals and humans as my subjects has been fun for me. The debut of this show was in September 2014 at Wolf Hills Brewery in Wolf Hills (aka Abingdon) Virginia, my hometown. I think this was also a partial inspiration. As I progressed, I moved to painting humans to represent certain emotions as well.

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